Vibrant Collection Overview

*Contains no actual gold content

  • Introdcuing Kohler's Vibrant Collection

    Conveying a sense of appeal, aesthetic looks and everlasting shine, Vibrant is the new standard of excellence.

    KOHLER's exclusive Vibrant collection is characterized by three new trendsetting exquisite finishes:

    Moderne® Polished Gold

    Moderne® Brushed Gold

    French Gold

    All three have been designed to give your bathroom a striking visual appeal that's contemporary yet classy. And for that complete experience of exuberance, Kohler is offering a range of fully coordinated bathroom elements to go with the faucet range, all in the Vibrant finishes.

    What's more is that with the use of Physical Vapor Deposition technology, Vibrant finishes deliver surfaces that are amazingly resistant to Starch and tarnishing effects. No wonder, Kohler's Vibrant collection comes with an astonishing 12 year warranty.

    Here's to a new chapter in elegance and excellence in your bathroom.

  • The new Vibrant® faucet collection offers a choice of exquisite finishes with enhanced surface properties. Vibrant finishes are produced using state-of-the-art Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology to give you three new elegant finishes that too with an astonishing 12 year warranty.

    The Technology: Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

    Physical Vapor deposition (PVD) is fundamentally a vaporization coating technique, involving transfer of material at an atomic level

    During this process, vaporized chemicals condense on the substrate forming a thin film resulting in a colored finish

    The color of these finishes is obtained from the chemistry of materials that is deposited on the substrate.

    PVD is a modern technology used to produce surfaces that offer enduring finishes with enhanced resistance to abrasionand corrosion.

    Cathodic Arc PVD process

    Kohler uses Cathodic Arc PVD process to create Vibrant finishes.

  • 3 trendsetting exquisite finishes

    Moderne Polished Gold

    Moderne® Polished Gold:

    Charismatic, bright and vocal, the new Moderne® Polished Gold faucet finish takes gold to an entirely new place. When combined with inspired KOHLER fixtures, faucets featuring this stunning new finish will transform their environments.

    Moderne Brushed Gold:

    Moderne® Brushed Gold:

    Slightly muted, the warm tone of the new Moderne® Brushed Gold is confident without being haughty. Contemplative and complex by nature, its character inspires thoughtful reflection.

    French Gold

    French Gold:

    Chic and charming, French Gold achieves the impossible by effortlessly fusing the best of both worlds: the charm of Gold and the class of Chrome. The result is an absolute delight to the senses. Undeniably attractive, French Gold is as romantic as it is immortal.

  • PVD Features

    Every KOHLER Vibrant® product comes with a shine that lasts a lifetime

    PVD - Superior Technology Platform

    Rich Selection of Colors & Textures

    Increased resistance to Corrosion & Tarnish effects

    Deep offering – Fully coordinated Bathrooms

    Extended Warranty – 12 Years

    And hence, we offer you a 12 years warranty on each and every product from the Vibrant® collection.

  • KOHLER India Faucet Limited Warranty

    KOHLER India's Faucets* used in normal residential and non residential commercial settings are warranted to be free of defects in the material and workmanship for the period of time set forth in the warranty coverage chart as detailed below, commencing from date of sale of Kohler India's Faucets* Products to the original purchaser ("warranty period").

    Care and cleaning guidelines for chrome and Vibrant® PVD colors/finishes

    The ideal cleaning technique is to always blot dry any water from metal surfaces.

    Allowing water to evaporate on metal will form water deposits.

    It is important to use a dabbing action to dry metal, not an abrasive or rubbing action.

    Cleaning with a damp sponge and buff drying should keep your faucet looking beautiful.

    Kohler Warranty

    For the complete warranty information; kindly download PDF document here Kohler Warranty PDF

    PVD Features
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